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A BRIT tourist has suffered serious head injuries after being mugged and thrown into the sea in a vicious dawn attack today.

Spanish cops have now launched a probe after two Brits, believed to be about 25, were attacked by a group of two men and three women in their 20s at 5am this morning.

 Passers-by helped to fish the injured Brit out of the water in Palma, Mallorca
Passers-by helped to fish the injured Brit out of the water in Palma, Mallorca

The victim – who was hurled into the water – was saved by onlookers after he and his friend were kicked and punched during the bid to rob them of money.

The shocking incident happened in Palma when the British holidaymakers were walking along the main promenade.

One of the group of five is said to have spotted a wallet in one of the Brit’s back pocket and attacked him whilst trying to steal it.

But the victim fought back, receiving a head wound when litter bins were ripped out and thrown at the pair.

He was then pushed into the water and a similar threat was made to the second Brit.

According to Ultimahora, there were several witnesses to the attack who described it as “very aggressive” and are helping police to identify the assailants.

Some of them are said to have recorded the incident on their mobile phones.

The attackers ran off towards the Cathedral and have not yet been found.

Passers-by pulled the British man out of the water. He was described as “very frightened” with blood pouring from his head wound.

Local residents say the security of tourists in Mallorca has to be a top priority for the local government and more money should be spent.

One said: “Attacks like this cannot be tolerated.

“If found and sent to prison, they should then be expelled from the Balearics.”

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